Ranging from simple order forms for a few products/services up to difficult electronic shops interlinked with business applications. We have got experience and capacities to transform your web presentation into a profitable investment. Do you really need the complicated electronic shop for selling few products? And conversely - Is the standard form advantageous, if you sell thousands of items? Do you keep many rocky shops all over the country with huge expenses? Do you want to save? Do you want to offer your services to the whole world for a fraction of the price? If so, our offer of marketing via the Internet is here for you to meet exactly your needs.

Prague Hotel Reservation

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Květinové studio

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Ratanový nábytek

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Wine Shop

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WK Moto

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If you want to do business also by means of the Internet, we will advise you, what form to choose in accordance with your business plan and our long-time experience. We are able to be a good partner to our clients, and to help them in all stages of the development of any electronic business system. We are able to analyse the market and to assess the future development.

In addition, we will carry out an analysis of the very future system professionally, and recommend optimum variants as for the budget as well as impact on the comfort and satisfaction of future customers of the planned design. Last but not least, we are able to use the latest technologies effectively in order to create an excellent project and to save as much client's resources as possible. Upon the completion of the development, we monitor every system carefully, and, in the form of free consulting services, we facilitate its publicity and thus contribute to the increase in the system's turnover.

Business Applications (Intranet/Extranet)

If you require intranet or extranet applications, do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you to create these applications quickly and effectively, using modern technologies. We know systems of any size, ranging from small intranet applications for traders to large extranet business systems for doing business on bases B2B, B2G etc.

As for these systems, the following systems in particular have been lately very popular:

Search Engine Optimalization - SEO

Currently, billions of pages exist on the Internet. People search for information and products by means of search engines in particular. By correct optimalization of your pages, whether it applies to non-profit-making private web page or commercial portal, we will try to ensure top locations on individual search engines, and we may thus multiply the attendance of your web presentations, and eventually increase the profit of your company.
The pages optimised for search engines are generally located in top positions in searching. By consulting services, we will advise you on how you can get better position in particular search engines. We are continually monitoring individual search engines and their rules, and thus we are able to react flexibly to any changes.


In the case you know exactly what you want, our team is able to perform programming work professionally and quickly. If you do not know yet, we will help you analyse your problem, suggest possible variants and also implement the selected solution. We offer outsourcing and lease of our free programming capacities to agencies.

We use these programming languages in particular:

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